Meat Processors

HSH 2016 Meat Processors

Click here for an interactive map of meat processor locations statewide.

Due to recent program changes HSH is looking for additional deer processors to assist with venison donations statewide during the current hunting season due to increased demand.  If there is not a Deer Processor listed for your county/location please call 1-866-474-2141 or 717-545-1188.

Processors: 2016 Meat Processor Registration Forms are in the works. You should be getting them in the mail shortly.

Deer Donors & Visitors: This list is from the 2015 season. We hope that all listed will be returning this season, but until all registrations are received we ask that you keep checking back as the list will be updated regularly. This system of checks and balances allows for quality control and safe handling of all the venison donated and processed under the HSH name. If you have a deer to donate, please feel free to contact HSH 1-866-474-2141.