Meat Processors

HSH Meat Processors

Click here for an interactive map of meat processor locations statewide.

Download the list of current meat processors.

Due to recent program changes HSH is looking for additional deer processors to assist with venison donations statewide during the current hunting season due to increased demand.  If there is not a Deer Processor listed for your county/location please call 1-866-474-2141 or 717-545-1188.

ATTENTION CURRENT DEER PROCESSORS – In an effort to speed up registration your HSH DEER PROCESSOR AGREEMENT from last season can be renewed by filling out the attached form and mailing it back. Please make sure there are no changes from the previous year in your rate or your mailing address used for payments.

NEW HSH DEER PROCESSOR please click here to fill out the forms and mail in ASAP in order to participate this season. If you have questions about the program, please call 1-866-474-2141 or 717-545-1188.

Click here to download the Deer Processor Agreement & Registration Kit.