Help Hunters Sharing the Harvest feed the hungry!

Money Donations

You can directly support HSH by participating with our Buck For The Pot campaign, which links you to a printable convenient coupon for tax-deductible money donations or by clicking on the DONATE button below.

Memorial contributions in memory of a family member or friend, hunting club member, work associate or on behalf of any organization or business are also an increasingly appropriate gift as a way to express personal sentiments while helping to fight hunger. Either send HSH a check or use the Pay Pal system for credit card contributions. Checks should be payable to: PA Hunters Sharing The Harvest and addressed to Att: John Plowman, Exec. Dir., 6780 Hickory Lane, Harrisburg, PA 17112


$10 Provides 40 Meals
$25 Provides 100 Meals
$50 Provides 200 Meals
$100 Provides 400 Meals
$500 Provides 2000 Meals
Enter any amount you feel comfortable with


Sponsorship Opportunities

If you’d like to support Hunters Sharing the Harvest by becoming a sponsor, click here to download our sponsorship kit.

Deer Donations

Donate a whole deer through one of our participating processors closest to where you live or hunt. Please consult the by-county deer processor page for shop locations, or call our toll-free number for more information. To somewhat help cover part of the processing costs, hunters are asked to contribute a minimum co-pay of $15 or more as charged by the butcher. However this co-pay contribution is tax-deductible. Be sure to fill out the Hunter Donor Receipt forms.

Hunters may also donate any portion of a deer when responsible for the full processing cost. Simply notify the meat processor to set aside a specified amount reserved for the HSH program. HSH may also occasionally accept extra donated elk, moose and caribou meat if handled by a licensed meat processor-please call HSH toll-free (866)474-2141 to verify eligibility and for more details.

All meat and money donations will be acknowledged by a letter which will qualify for tax purposes and official HSH window decal, documenting that as a compassionate sportsman or woman you helped feed the hungry via the HSH program. Thank you.